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Caller ID Integration with Exatouch® Point of Sale Helps Restaurants Improve Customer Service

Calverton, New York — March 4, 2020 — Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale (POS) provider, underscores how caller ID integration with their proprietary POS, Exatouch®, helps restaurants deliver superior customer service that increases business.

With quick access to customer information and data, the Whozz Calling? caller ID application functions with Exatouch Point of Sale’s Delivery Manager, allowing staff to give faster, more personalized service. When a customer calls in, staff can answer within seconds by tapping the touchscreen. The caller’s contact information automatically pops up, providing an opportunity for a personal greeting and speedier, more accurate order entry. Staff also have visibility into the customer’s most recent orders, which they can duplicate for fast reorders, or they can enter a new order into the system with minimal effort. New customers can easily be saved and referenced for future orders. Automating these everyday restaurant tasks eliminates the need for manual order entry, reduces errors, saves time, and boosts revenue.

The app also includes Google Maps integration, giving staff the means to instantly verify a customer’s address and determine if they are located within a defined delivery area. With the ability to preset map radiuses, restaurants can designate different fees for delivery zones based on the proximity of a customer’s location.

“Restaurants grow by delivering a personalized experience from start to finish,” said Michael Nardy, CEO of Electronic Payments. “With caller ID, restaurants are able to provide a more individual level of service that keeps customers coming back. Greet someone by name, take their order quickly, and deliver an accurate order on time—you’ve earned a regular who will multiply profits and help your business thrive.”

Other exclusive apps available at no cost through Exatouch include custom modifiers and menus, table mapping, and inventory management. Electronic Payments backs their products and services with U.S.-based, in-house technical support available 24/7, ideal for restaurants that are open late.

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