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Electronic Payments Continues Development to Expand and Enhance Exatouch® Point of Sale

Recent Exatouch® enhancements add new functionality to give merchants greater visibility into their operations as well as increased control over inventory management, promotions, and more.

Calverton, New York — July 1, 2020 — Electronic Payments, a leading provider of point of sale (POS) solutions to businesses nationwide, is continuously developing and expanding the applications built into their proprietary POS system, Exatouch. Leveraging merchant and agent feedback, the newest Exatouch software release features tools that enable business owners to have even greater command of their inventory management and promotional offers to maximize sales and profitability. In addition, enhanced register and receipt settings improve ease of use and allow for more direct communication with customers and employees.

Item Details Application

The Item Details application is a key component of Exatouch, giving proprietors complete control over their entire inventory. As part of its recent expansion, Item Details now makes it even easier to navigate, add, and update inventory items with:

  • Frequently used fields located at the top of the work area, keeping key information at hand when adjusting, updating, and modifying items
  • Register button colors that are customizable to help staff spot specific items—speeding up the checkout process and decreasing errors
  • Receipt descriptions for items that can be defined differently for customers and back-of-house staff, giving patrons the detailed information they look for on sales receipts, and summarizing pertinent data on order tickets for employees to hasten service
  • Item location details to help keep track of stock—and a supporting Stock Location report that assists in locating items while summarizing pricing, cost, and margin information
  • New price reduction options that empower merchants such as grocers to discount prepackaged inventory, including deli items, meat, or produce
  • Popular promotions that can be set to run every day between select start and end dates, as well as times of day—all at the tap of a button
  • Relationships that can be established between specific inventory items and fields for alternate SKUs to be added, enabling greater reporting capabilities and insight
  • A revamped Purchasing tab that gives further visibility into specific item activity and vendor information
  • An expanded Modifiers tab, allowing restaurants to upcharge for specific modifiers on inventory items

Register and Receipt Settings

Exatouch’s clean, easy-to-use interface is one of its most popular attributes. In the name of continuous improvement, the following capabilities have recently been added.

  • Apply discounts to each tender type accepted and display the discounts given on customer sales receipts
  • Alert restaurant and bar employees with a single pop-up message when a transaction exceeds the authorized amount on an open tab, facilitating communication with patrons, ensuring optimal service, and that there are no unpaid tabs at the close of business
  • Restaurant and bar employees can easily identify changes made to an initial order with new item labels clearly printed on remote printer receipts.


Offering a variety of customizable, built-in promotions, including BOGOs, frequent buyer discounts, loyalty programs, and more, Exatouch’s recent expansion now makes it even simpler to create personalized promotions that keep customers returning. For example, to create one-of-a-kind mix-and-match promotions, merchants can simply search for and add inventory items by category and subcategory, saving time and freeing them up to focus on more important aspects of business.

“Our teams are continuously developing Exatouch to include adaptable and in-demand tools that make the system not only beneficial, but indispensable, to all types of businesses,” said Michael Nardy, Founder and CEO of Electronic Payments. “We support entrepreneurs at every turn with our innovative products and services, but particularly by taking into account their feature requests for Exatouch—something that really sets us apart in the industry. Our goal is to keep refining and strengthening our offerings to help our merchant partners better serve their customers, streamline operations, and increase revenue.”

Exatouch’s robust capabilities also include employee and customer management, support for gift cards and loyalty, affordable payment processing, and more—all backed by in-house, U.S.-based technical support available 24/7.

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