The Key to Your ISO’s Success

— August 30, 2018 — Every day, fintech companies invest in their product offerings, attempting to stay on par with rapidly advancing payment and point of sale technologies; but there is oftentimes an oversight when it comes to making that same investment in support and service. While continuous product development is vital to all of our businesses, this misstep can negatively impact your ISOs growth and potential without you realizing it. The team who backs your ISO and merchants 24/7 is the key ingredient to merchant retention, satisfaction and, ultimately, your success in building a profitable and stable portfolio.

About Electronic Payments

With "Innovation through every transaction", Electronic Payments has distinguished itself as one of the fastest growing and highly regarded privately held payment and transaction processing companies in the United States. Electronic Payments currently serves businesses in all types of industry and acquires new clients through a network of agent banks, sales agents and independent sales offices (ISOs). Their TableTurn restaurant management platform currently serves more than 5,000 merchant locations and processes in excess of $1.2 Billion in annual volume. Visit for additional information.

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